You'll hear all your favorite songs, groups and singers from three decades -- but it's not the Top 40 you remember....

...You'll hear their lesser known hits, and more rare and obscure ones from the "Hot 100" and "Bubbling Unders" charts!...

... From a large collection of mostly 45 RPM records and vinyl albums.  A few CD's, and a  few downloads too!

Listen to all kinds of pop and rock, along with an occasional disco, R&B, comedy and novelty record from the USA and around the world!

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You won't hear the same "TOP 40" other radio and internet stations play!

You'll hear the lower half of the "HOT100" and "Bubbling Unders" charts, uncharted singles, B-Sides from your favorite oldies and album tracks from artists who never released a single!

You'll also hear songs that were big hits in other  countries, outside of the US! 

It's not just another "oldies" station ... it's something completely different!


STARTING JUNE 5:  Playlists will feature some songs from the 1990's, plus some lower Top 40 songs!   Until September 3.