You won't hear the same "TOP 40" other radio and internet stations play!

You'll hear the lower part of the "HOT100" (from #20 to #100) and "Bubbling Unders" charts, uncharted singles, B-Sides from your favorite oldies and an *occasional album track from artists who never released a single!

You'll also hear songs that were big hits in other  countries, outside of the US! 

It's not just another "oldies" station ... it's something completely different!


You'll hear all your favorite songs, groups and singers from over three decades. But it's not the Top 40 you remember....

... From a large collection of mostly 45 RPM records and vinyl albums.  A few CD's, and a few downloads too!

...You'll hear their lesser known hits, plus many other artists and songs from the "Hot 100" and "Bubbling Unders" charts!...

All of these songs were orginally released on 45 RPM records*!


"OffTheCharts!" is a compilation mostly of 45 RPM records, with some songs transferred over from CD's and downloads from I-Tunes, E-Music, Rhapsody and other sites.

"OffTheCharts!" is a hobby station originating in 2009 on Live365.  Before Live365 went on a brief hiatus in 2016, this independent site was established.  It appeared back on Live365 briefly in 2017, but has remained as a 24/7 music stream here.

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